1000 Pocket Deluxe (5 year guarantee)
  • 1000 Pocket Deluxe (5 year guarantee)

    The ultimate in the modern sleeping solution -  FREE NATIONWIDE DELIVERY (use code freedel55)


    Memory foam - The mattress conforms to your body shape which reduces pressure points, ensuring a better night’s sleep.


    Quilted, removable cover - Crafted from Healthcare Memory Foam for instant pressure relief and enhanced performance.


    Hypo allergenic - All Healthcare Foams are non-allergenic, providing a great sleeping solution for allergy sufferers.


    Long-lasting - All mattresses use high density and premium quality materials to ensure longevity.


    Suitable for any base - All Healthcare mattresses are suitable on any base type.


    5 year guarantee - Comes with a five year guarantee against faulty workmanship or materials.





    1. Quilted Memory Foam. Our Healthcare Memory Foam is specially quilted for a natural, supportive feel that adapts to you. 2 cm


    2. HealthCare Memory Foam. Patented Healthcare Memory Foam is built to relieve pressure, aligning your spine and conforming to your body’s natural contours. 2 cm


    3. Flex Comfort Foam. We’ve added our Flex Comfort Foam to create a supple layer of comfort. 2.5 cm


    4. Pocket Springs. 1000 of our specially engineered Ortho springs form the core of this mattress. 14 cm


    5. Flex Support Border. Our Flex Support Border distributes pressure evenly, easing tension and creating a core of stability.


    6. Flex Support Foam. A bottom thick layer of our Flex Support Foam provides corner to corner support, ensuring a healthier night’s sleep. 4.5 cm


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