Panda Hybrid Mattress (New 2018)

The Panda Hybrid Mattress (New 2018)

Please note: we have added tufts to this mattress to make it more durable


Life is about balance. In today’s world full of complex pressures and demands, we understand the need for simple, harmonious support. The Panda Hybrid mattress was crafted to be in tune with your body’s contours, delivering a deeper, more fluent night’s sleep that lets you perform at your crescendo each day.


Get the deep, healthy sleep you need to live a better life. Sleep with Panda..


Whats inside?


Top Cover -

Moisture - wicking quilted cover to keep you cool


Comfort Layer -

Cool comfort gel

Better bounce technology

Foam structure provides long lasting comfort

30 times more breathable than conventional memory foam

Dissipates body heat for a cooler nights sleep


Insulating Foam Casing - 

The spring unit is foam encased for extra stability

Edge to edge support, so no rolling off sensation

Long lasting foam protection


Hybrid Springs 1000 series-

Individually fabric wrapped hybrid mini springs which respond to movement

Foam encased for extra support

Zoned springs relieve pressure in your hips and shoulders

Firm upward support cushioned by 4G reflex foam


Side & Base Cover-

Luxury velvet / chenille border (purple or grey)

Durable and breathable 100% polyester fabric

Inherently fire retardant


Panda Hybrid Mattress (New 2018)


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