Aloe Vera Deluxe Mattress 12" (4" Memory)

The Aloe Vera Deluxe mattress is one of our best selling memory foam mattress. This mattress will give you a luxurious, healthy nights sleep. Aloe Vera has long been valued for its healing benefits. Scientific studies have shown that when applied as a fabric treatment, graded Aloe Vera has a positive effect on your sleep and well being. This mattress offers a higher degree of healthy softness during your sleep and has an excellent natural treatment.


• Naturally soothing and may help with itchyness

• Anti-bacterial

• Eco friendly properties

• Natural softening

• Non allergenic & dust mite resistant

• May benefit people with skin conditions

• Correct spinal alignment

• Perfect contouring and support

• Washable Cover

Aloe Vera Deluxe Mattress 12" (4" Memory)

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