Aloe Vera Deluxe Mattress 12" (4" Memory)

Aloe Vera Deluxe Mattress 12" (4" Memory)

The Aloe Vera Deluxe mattress is one of our best selling memory foam mattress. This mattress will give you a luxurious, healthy nights sleep. Aloe Vera has long been valued for its healing benefits. Scientific studies have shown that when applied as a fabric treatment, graded Aloe Vera has a positive effect on your sleep and well being. This mattress offers a higher degree of healthy softness during your sleep and has an excellent natural treatment.


• Naturally soothing and may help with itchyness

• Anti-bacterial

• Eco friendly properties

• Natural softening

• Non allergenic & dust mite resistant

• May benefit people with skin conditions

• Correct spinal alignment

• Perfect contouring and support

• Washable Cover

    PriceFrom £169.99